Vara Vintage

Curator of Vara Vintage, Chelsea's love of vintage runs deep. She has been scouring the racks of thrift shops since middle school, looking for treasures and figuring out her personal style. Over the years this developed into a deep love for the quality of the designs and natural fabrics that are quickly disappearing in the world of fast fashion. When Chelsea made a move from London to New York in 2017 she finally made a dream into a reality and turned it into a business, closely followed by a lucky stop in at Seven Wonders Collective and becoming apart of this wonderful team in 2019. Chelsea has since moved to Miami with her family and bring all her Florida finds to the shop!

It’s at its core an addiction to the thrill of the hunt and the discovery of something one of a kind, but now it seems even more important as we come to the realization that our love of fashion is contributing to an overwhelming amount of waste. Chelsea has always had a love for magazines and fashion editorial and loved to look at what was trendy, even if her own personal style has always revolved around men’s button downs and blazers! All trends are cyclical and nearly everything that’s on the runway already exists, so this is how she approaches her sourcing each season, while always intermixing classic pieces.  

There are so many highs (and lows - where did that stain come from?!) but most notable was when Valentino’s partner bought and obscure secondary label piece from Chelsea's collection! She hopes for some archival show in the future.

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