Launched in 2012, LuluTrésors represents a perfect mélange of shop owner Luna’s upbringing. Influenced by a childhood in France modeled by a seamstress grandmother and a mother who worked in Fashion, the seed of appreciation for quality garments was planted early on.  Specializing in Men and Women’s clothing and accessories counted down from Y2K to the 1950’s - one can find classic unisex trousers, vests, and blazers along with a range of print friendly retro pieces that are sure to start a conversation.  Add a dash of western wear from spending many years living in the US desert, where many of these trésors still come from. The common thread?  All pieces are chosen with vision and love along with one condition: a timeless Je ne sais quoi!


Shop LuluTrésors at our Greenpoint and Williamsburg locations and check out their Instagram here.