Dodo Bazaar

Like most small-business owners, Laëtitia Damonsing, vintage seller and founder of Dodo Bazaar, juggles a lot. But two years into running her own brand, she has shifted how she measures success.

As a champion of mental health, Laëtitia doesn’t want to only sell sustainable products and services — she wants to create practices that are sustainable for herself, and advises others in the vintage community to do the same.

Laëtitia is a multihyphenate in every sense of the word: A vintage reseller, curator, stylist, designer and model. A social activist who worked in international development before starting her own side hustle focused on sustainable design. An advocate for inclusivity and representation, racial justice, environmentalism and mental health. A Mauritian-Canadian, born in Montreal to immigrant parents, who maintains a deep connection to her roots (Laëtitia’s brand is named after the official bird of Mauritius, the dodo, and the country’s markets, called bazaars, that serve as gathering places for the community).

By combining her unique aesthetic, love of fashion, design and passion to create a more sustainable future - Dodo Bazaar was born. 

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