Ally Bird Vintage

Alessandra of Ally Bird sells clothing from the 20th century with a specialty in 1930s/40s and 1960s/70s. Alessandra proudly sells clothing for all genders and occasions - everything from gowns to t-shirts. She has worked in the vintage industry for over a decade. Having always been big into history, Alessandra loves using clothing as a means of preserving personal stories and identities of the past. She has an invested interest in folk fashion and all things meticulously hand made. Alessandra does her own repairs and restoration, often upcycling unwearable textiles into something new. She believes that wearing clothing from the past, and reinterpreting it, frees her customers from modern day garment waste and conformity to the masses. Alessandra's goal is to help the environment through resurrecting historic garments and celebrating highly individualistic self expression. 

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