258pm Salon

is a time
:came about one summer afternoon at 2:58pm in 2019
:where two friends clicked and formed a unique collaboration

is a space
:based out of NYC
:part home studios, part e-commerce, part floating open salons

is a project
:specializes in curating designer garments from 1970s to 2000s
:some could be older or newer
:but always looking for quality, comfort, utility, playfulness and tactile experiences
:Hermès quilts, Issey Miyake pleats, Loewe leather, Missoni knits, Prada Sport, Jean Paul Gaultier mesh, Romeo Gigli silks, and Yves Saint Laurent ensembles are among the favorites

258pm Salon is a time, a space, and a project that rediscovers forgotten treasures, shares timeless design and exceptional craftsmanship through curated vintage collections, playful styling and eclectic visual aesthetics.
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